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About My Dolls & Bears


My dolls are Ooaks, Ooak stands for (one of a kind) I only make one of each, no other will be made or painted the same, they are made from vinyl kits or with Cloth & Clay.

The reborn dolls are made from a vinyl kit, which is painted with many coats of genesis heat set paints to make them look realistic, these paints are like factory play dolls paint they don't fade or wash off, the dolls hair is painted with the same paints or micro rooted one hair at a time, they are then made up and weighted to make them feel like a real baby when held.

The cloth doll's heads are made from an oven baked clay or air dry paper mache and then covered in cloth, their bodies are also made from cloth, the heads are oil painted to bring them to life.

 I have also in the past made many other dolls, I first started making dolls in 1991 with Cloth for a couple of years, then went onto making Wax dolls, next came Composition and Papier Machie dolls. Then I bought a kiln in 1996 and made Porcelain dolls for about 5 years, then the reborns dolls came out, and since 2004 I have been making the reborn baby dolls from vinyl kits. Then in 2012 after three long years of trying and wanting to stop making just reborns dolls, I finally started making cloth dolls again.

 I also make Ooak bears, some come with clay faces. The bears are made of mohair which is painted or shaded in places to give depth and to make them look older, then they are weighted and then finished off by making them look vintage, they all come with a Willow Ooaks wooden botton sewn on them.

I take many hours to create each Ooak doll or bear, but they are worth every moment. With every step and process bringing them closer to life; another one of a kind creation is produced. I never repeat or do any doll or bear the same - each one is always unique in it's own way.

I also make fresh handmade soaps, and I make a range of bath bombs to go with the soaps.

 Below is a photo of my stand at Pudsey Doll & Teddy Fair in April 2015


Below is a photo of my stand at Pudsey Doll & Teddy Fair in October 2014



Below is a photo of my stand at Motorcycle Museum Doll & Teddy Fair in March 2014


 Below is a photo of my stand at Pudsey Doll & Teddy Fair in October 2013


Below is photo of my stand at Pudsey Doll & Teddy Fair in April 2012