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Ooak Cloth & Clay Dolls



Ooak Cloth & Clay Dolls


My cloth & clay dolls - the heads are made from clay or paper mache, then covered in cloth and oil painted, the bodie's are made from cloth and painted a skin colour to match the heads.

Cloth dolls made in 2014.

 Below cloth dolls waiting for bodies.

Group of my Cloth Dolls made in 2013

Three cloth dolls, Angel, Izzy style and Elf/Pixie doll


Another cloth Elf/Pixie Doll


Cloth Baby Doll


Cloth Girl Doll


Cloth Flower Dolls

Small clay faced Fairy Dolls

Painted heads ready to be made up

The 2nd head is the same one made up below.


 My first 2012 finished cloth doll all made up, now sold.

I made this doll using Susie McMahon bodie pattern and my own cloth & clay head.