Willow Ooaks

Handmade Soap


 I first started making my soaps in 2006 for my children, as my first child was born with eczema and most soaps always made his condition worse - and after reading about the bad ingredients in most well known soaps and cleaning products:- SLS - Sodium Lauryl Sulphate & SLES - Sodium Lauryth Sulphate and how harmful they are to your skin, I was wanting to make and use a no SLS/SLES soap that was kinder to me and my children's skins. 


I make a range of gorgeous smelling soaps most of them with no SLS & SLES added, they have not been tested on animals - but have been tested by me and my children - they are also suitable for vegetarians or vegan's, with added essential oils or fragrance oils.

I list all the ingredients on all of my products, and all of the ingredients have passed the Safety Assessment test, which is needed before selling any soaps and toiletries to the public, I make most of my soaps to give away to friends & family.


Soaps with Essential Oils

Here are my essential oils range of gorgeous smelling soaps, with added essential oils and petals or flowers.


Above shows a photo of my four essential oils soaps, with there petals or flowers next to them, that have been added to the soap.

Geranium sunset with rose petals

Tea tree with calendula petals

Lavender with lavender flowers

and Patchouli with heather flowers





Charity Soaps that I have made




Crystal Soaps

Here are my crystal soap range of gorgeous smelling soaps, with a added crystal for - Protection, Healing, Fertility, Spiritual, Love and last of all Wealth.